Jason Lancaster
Nick Names: the Challenge , the Next Wave
Age: 19
Years as Pro: 2 1/2
From: Los Angeles, California
Trained By/With: ;
Trainer of WWE's Jaime Noble "Adorable" Danny Ray, former NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion Vinnie "STAR" Viagra, also training with Ian Rotten and others at IWA Mid South Finishers: The Lancaster Lunge, UnReal Halo, the Challenger , Floating DDT
Quote: "Are YOU ready to take the Challenge?"
Federations: IWA Midsouth, NCW, WOW, MSWA, AWF, UPWA, CCW, PCW, PCW(2), EKCW, TMW, WVW, XMCW, NWA Main Event, NWA Tristate, CWA, OCW, LCW, MWA, AIW, among others .
Career Highlights: LCW Heavyweight Champion .
WOW Tag Team Champion (w/ Jared Lancaster)*3*. AWF Tag Team
Champion(with Jared Lancaster) . WPW Tag Team Champion (with Jared Lancaster). UPWA Tag Team
Champion (w/ Jared Lancaster).

Updated for Friday October 10th, 2003.

"Take the Challenge".

If you are the opponent that is standing opposite of the squared circle of this first generation tag team standout, that is the exact question you need and should be asking of yourself..."Am I ready to take the Challenge?"

"You got a big future in this sport son "

Coming from numerous veterans and top notch independent wrestling superstars all over the Mid Atlantic/Kentuckyana region, Jason Lancaster recieves praise in singles competition or in his ultra popular standout twin tag team with his identical twin brother, Jared Lancaster. Already numerous tag team title holder with Jared, Jason has proved his fire with such up and coming stars like Eric Darkstorm and Chris Vega, and with his new found home in IWA Mid South, he's bound to learn so much more from the competition there as well. Jason Lancaster is sooner or later going to be a household name carried among pro wrestling lovers world wide. Can anyone doubt that?

You can?

Damn. Then I've got but one ever-so-familiar phrase to say to you ...

"Never say never".

Sit down, sit back, relax and be prepared for the Next Wave. It's going to be truly a wild ride!